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Author Topic: Atlantis  (Read 4431 times)
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« on: January 06, 2010, 05:31:41 PM »

BSW is launching a new game today called Atlantis.  A 2-4 player game.  Here is a synopsis of the rules:

Atlantis Quick Reference V1.0

1 – Sort the Tiles ("path tiles") by their backs and shuffle each pile face-down, separately.
2 – Create a path (like the one on page 2) using randomized face-up Tiles...
   a)   Atlantis, then 10 stacks of 2 "A" Tiles, then 10 single "A" Tiles, then 6 stacks of 2 "A" Tiles, then a Water tile,
      then 6 stacks of 2 "B" Tiles, then 10 single "B" Tiles, then 10 stacks of 2 "B" Tiles, then Mainland.
3 – Keep the remaining Water tiles close.
4 – Give each player 3 Figures of a color and 1 Bridge.  Place the Figures in Atlantis.
5 – Boat Expansion: Give each player the Boat of the matching color.
6 – Shuffle the Cards ("movement cards") and make a face-down draw deck.
7 – The youngest player starts and draws 4 Cards.  Each player, going left from start, draws one more than the last.

The game lasts many TURNs, until 1 player gets all 3 of his Figures onto the Mainland.
TURN OVERVIEW      Players take turns individually then pass left

1)   BUY CARDS: Discard 1 owned Tile to draw half as many cards (rounded down) as the Tile value.

2)   SELECT FIGURE: Choose 1 of your 3 Figures---not already on the Mainland--to move.

   a)   Discard 1 Card from your hand to move your Figure to the next Tile with the Card's item.
      I)   Tile is empty?  Stop movement here.
      II)   Tile has ANY another Figure?  MUST play another Card and move as above until end on an empty Tile.
      III)   Play a card with no matching Tile between Figure and Mainland?  Move Figure to Mainland (& still take Tile).
      IV)   Can't play Cards to land on empty Tile?  Reveal hand, draw 2 Cards, and end your TURN.
   b)   Cross any "gaps" during movement?  (A "gap" is a series of 1 or more Water tiles.)
      I)   May place your Bridge (1-time use) at any "gap".  No point in placing >1 Bridge at any gap.
      II)   Boat Expansion: May place your Boat (1-time use) at any gap.  Okay to have >1 Boat at any gap.
      III)   Any gap with a Bridge (anyone's) is free.  Boat Expansion: Any gap with your Boat is free.
      IV)   Any gap with no Bridge must be paid for with points...
         1)   Gap cost is the lower of the 2 Tile values on either side of the gap, regardless of gap size.
         2)   Pay by discarding owned Tile(s), using Tile value as points AND/OR by discarding Cards for 1 point each.
            NOTES: May total "gap" payments due before paying for them.  No refunds for excess payments.
      V)   Boat Expansion: May use another's Boat by paying half (rounded down, at least 1) of the gap cost to the Boat owner with Tiles AND/OR Cards.  May choose between Boats if >1 on a gap.
      VI)   Can't pay?  Can't move Figure.

   a)   Take the 1st empty (non-Water) Tile behind (towards Atlantis) your just-moved Figure.  Take top, if 2.
   NOTE: Get none, if there are no empty Tiles between this Figure and Atlantis.
      I)   Creates a gap?  Place a Water tile in the gap.
      NOTE: If the new Water tile is to be placed next to another Water tile, you need not even place it.

5)   DRAW CARD(S): Draw 1 Card + 1 Card for each of your Figures on the Mainland.

1)   Make sure the game-ending player picked up his Tile and drew 4 Cards.
2)   Each other player must get his remaining Figures to the Mainland.
   a)   No Card-play movement; move by just paying for gaps with Tiles and Cards.
   b)   May NOT place Bridges, but may use them if they are placed on gaps already.
   c)   May NOT pick up Tiles, so this action may be simultaneous for all players.
   d)   Can't pay the gap costs?  Move anyway and keep track of your negative score.
3)   Total point values on Tiles + 1 point per card.
4)   Most points wins!  Tie?  Tied players share victory.
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« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2010, 07:56:47 PM »

Okay - here is a better synopsis of the rules along with screenshots:
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