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Title: Long time....
Post by: joewtwins on July 27, 2019, 03:00:41 AM
I was looking at my old PC and found this link. Thought I would say hello and see if anyone still checked this site out. I have not been on BSW for a dogs age, and the last time I was on it was dead as dead. I've started playing app games and I am hoping to get back into boardgames soon. Been busy working two jobs catching up on some bills due to a few bad decisions concerning finances. Nothing too bad, just overspent and emergencies at the wrong times. The twins are 16 and huge now. I literally look up to my boys now, eating me out of house and home. Jenn and I have celebrated 17 years of marriage. Everything is still good healthwise. Hope to catch up soon if you want. If not, just know that I always look back on you all with fondness.